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How does it look like ? Is it a creature, a beast, an Alien ? What is the Definition and Meaning ?

What does it mean ? First Exclusive & shocking Pictures released – worldwide. Definition and meaning explained. A borderline experiment – images which have not been seen in human history before.

This page shows some strange, weird, creepy and shocking pictures. The first images ever that have been released about a real Hobnocker worldwide.
The Experiment started. And so far I am pretty exited about my first test results. Phase #1 was a great success and it looks like the current breed development process seems to work.
Since some of my tests are borderline experiments - I can only publish some fractures of my results. So please be patient. If you sign up I promise, I'll keep you posted with the latest and greatest results.

That being said and looking at these first images – I can tell that it’s going to be fun ride. It’s hard to tell how this creature will finally turn out – but I can already tell everyone – I want to have a unique awesome tiny little Hobnocker Creature.

Being at PHASE #1 – It’s difficult to say how the final breed is going to look like. Head, Eyes, Muscles, … unknown so far. Clear is, I want to influence the character of this thing. Shouldn’t scare anyone – instead, people should really like this tiny little creature.



Once I am more happy with my first test results – I am planing to launch Phase #2. In which… believe it or not.. I plan to publish a video – showing some footage that shows a real living Hobnocker. I can’t tell for sure how it will react – the cells, the behavior, breathing, etc. – it’s a very interesting – but also kinda creepy stage.

However, I can’t tell what I am going to do with the final skin structure – but so far I was able to make some nice progress. Collecting and extracting some really cool Hobnocker cells.


I can already tell that you are asking yourself one simple question:

What the heck is this guy doing here ? And how is this related to all the following Hobnocker Examples, listed below ?

Well.. it’s simple. I decided to create my own Hobnocker Creature. The term, the fiction word inspired me. And I decided to create my own tiny, funny, for some people maybe scary looking Hobnocker Creature.

If you want to know more about it – what I do – why I do it – reasons, and the entire story behind: Go for it – just sign up for free with your email – and I promise, I’ll keep you posted with my latest test results and experiments. But keep in mind, it might not be for everyone – so don’t blame me later for receiving extraordinary content – I warned you upfront.

And keep in mind – this is a special opportunity – to follow one of the most exiting experiments in human history. Exclusive Images, Videos and Test Results will be only given away to people who sign up and want to support The Hobnocker Project.

So yes, be my guest – go for it and enjoy this crazy extraterrestrial ride – something special is waiting for you for sure. I think, once seen behind the curtain – once knowing what the heck I am doing – I can tell you – it will open your eyes – it will change your perspective of view. That being said, see below just some simple and generic definition, meaning and explanation about the Hobnocker Term.


12 Hobnocker Examples

What does it mean ? Definition of the word in iCarly ! Define, meaning, means and context. This Site is about Hobnocker Ideas, Types, Videos, Pictures and Stories.




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It seems to be a bit strange to create a page just for that specific term. But the truth is, it’s fun and the legendary term brings people to smile and to laugh.

If you didn’t get a visit from the Legend … it’s about time. Start a conversation in your office, tell your friends and let them know that they are a bunch of hobnocking folks.

You’ll see their funny reaction. Which is always different. Most of the time people laugh about it even if they don’t know a specific meaning behind that fiction word. And this is what carries weight, this is what counts. Just bringing fun into the heart of people.

The legend is out there and it’s time to catch lot’s of funny stories, videos and pictures. If your best friend, your neighbour, coworker, classmate or ex-friend didn’t get hobnocked yet – now is the time.

Deliver a hobnocking experience and make people laugh hard about your crazy ideas, funny stories, pictures or videos. Be creative and let your fantasy go crazy. You can create different types and you can also do funny videos about it.

Maybe you got some great photos, or you do illustration, you sketch or paint. Let your creativity flow and create something with a fantastic hobnocking experience.

If you always wanted to know what’s behind that story then don’t miss out the most important page that reveals the secret of the fiction term. What it really is, and what it really does. Check it out right here !



What is a Hobnocker – meaning – the dictionary definition explained !

It’s Origin: 

The absolute origin seems to be unknown. Some people have spread the message that the term was used in ICarly’s TV-Show. Other people mentioned that the Hobnocker Definition was used in North Carolina and was originally invented from Rednecks – which is another term for a poor rural person in the South of the United States.

Hobnocker Definition
Image credits to Gerry Dincher

What is a Hobnocker ?

According to the prevailing opinion of random internet users and the spreading word of modern communication systems “The Legend” started to rise.

And today we find already different TYPES, IDEAS, VIDEOS AND PICTURES  about Hobnockers. Even if the meaning of the word  does vary and some people tend to argue about the true invented “Fiction-Term”.

The Hobnocker Definition:

There is one thing they do have all in common.

It is FUN when the story reaches you. It is fun to share different thoughts, discuss different types, different characters and scenarios what a true hobnocking experience actually is. And yes, there are many different scenarios that makes it a fun story.


And all these opinions and the fun people share is that funny Phenomenon – a positive and fun experience. People start to laugh, to smile and to think about strange, odd, funny, weired, inspiring, lovely and thrilling stories.
And this website is the epicenter of these things. This Page takes care of spreading fun and happiness to all people in the world. Tracking and Collecting the latest news, the latest stories, pictures, Videos, and Ideas of a true hobnocking experience.


Did the  Phenomenon already reach you ? Do you want to share a funny story, pictures and moments ? Any new ideas and tactics about the craziest videos you have ever seen ? Good so, we all want to be part of it and we all want to know. So please feel free to share your experience, your ideas and spread the word.


Did you actually know that different hobnocking types and categories? Yes,  read more about that in the TYPES category section. It’s not just about different types – no. There is even more. What are really good hobnocking  IDEAS ? Or what about the coolest PICTURES, VIDEOS, and STORIES ? And on top of it do not forget the absolute coolest hobnocked ANIMALS !

…please keep in mind:

The story started spreading a few years ago. And till today the fiction term stays as a “Fiction Term”. And there is not just one type  – no, you can have many, many different types. Good ones, bad ones, ugly ones, gross ones but also lovely, creative and inspiring ones.


Among Humans, we also have animals. What are the cutest and funniest Hobnockeranimals ? Do you have great pictures, funny videos about your dog, or cat – and you captured a moment of your dog, cat, being a real PetHobnocker ?


Yes, Yes, Yes. Did you hear the latest and greatest hobnocking stories ? Noooo ? Well don’t freak out. You are at the right place. Read about the best and absolute awesome Hobnocker Stories – and YES, please feel free to share your own. This is the absolute right place to do so. Post your comments and share your funny stories – get inspired, get hobnocked. Please read in our policies at our ABOUT page. You want to make sure your posts and submissions will be published. Thank you !

Of course videos and pictures are collected as well. You made a wonderful snapshot with your camera ? A funny moment ? Or you captured an absolute hobnocked video ? This is fantastic. Share it with the world and bring happiness to tour friends & community. Be happy, share fun and get hobnocked !

So keep that in mind – the word itself is magic because it spreads FUN and absolute positive energy. And yes, with multiple meanings. Good luck finding your own wonderful experience and have lot’s and lot’s and lot’s of fun!

The ICarly Show

Who did not hear about that story, right ? Yes, Yes, Yes. The Fiction Term officially aired at the ICarly TV Show.

If you have not seen it yet, then you missed out something. The ICarly Show is a fun comedy show airing on nickelodeon – now nick.com.

Below a short clip / excerpt of the show:
It’s Baby Spencer !

As you can see the Fiction Term and Definition can have different meanings. However, when ever you are getting hobnocked – fun is guaranteed.


The ULTIMATE List of 12 Hobnocker Ideas

  1. Hobnocker Sheep

    Hobnocker Sheep
    Hobnocker Sheep. This Sheep knows how to to do shopping. Ready for the ride to the next shopping mall.


  2. Hobnocker Restroom

    Funny Hobnocker Places
    Funny Restroom. Can you believe it ? Why in heaven  ? lol;


  3. Will Ferrell

    Will-Ferrell for being Harry-Caray at Letterman.


  4. Cameron Esposito

    Cameron Esposito on Hobnocker
    Cameron Esposito nominated for the first female stand up comedian Hobnocker


  5. Hobnocker Meerkat

    Hobnocker Meerkat
    Hobnocker Meerkat – just for incredible posing skills.

  6. Singing Hobnocker Husky

    huskies for sale
    One Husky – One Baby – One Song – can you dig it ?


  7. Dog Hobnocker Beer Defender

    That little dog knows what’s good. He defends his golden fluid like no one else.


  8. Hobnocker Keyboard Cat

    There is just one magic Hobnocker Keyboard Cat. Absolutely mindblowing !


  9. The Hobnocker Cat Kiss

    Hobnocker Cat Attack
    How a romantic love story ends like usual. With lot’s of drama. Angry Cat Attack !


  10. Zombie Killer Hobnocker

    Zombie Killer Hobnocker
    Zombie Killer Hobnocker Gang deserves lot’s of respect. Pure Awesomness !


  11. The Funny Hobnocker

    The Funny Hobnocker
    If you need new glasses – that will bring some more light into your life !


  12. The Hobnocker Pilot

    Hobnocker Submission Success
    Hobnocker Submission Success – Pilot takes a break.


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