Bud Light ABV 4.2% – Dog protects his golden treasure

Absolute hobnocking. That little dog knows to defend his precious Bud Light with an ABV of 4.2% . What a great Hobnocker !

Did you know ?

Bud Light stands for Budweiser and is the lighter beer option of it’s original Budweiser.

Budweiser Buergerbraeu is the official name of the Brauhaus Budweis. The brewery was created from german settlers in the city of Budweis. This town is in Boehmen, which is part of the country of Tschechien.

Since 1875 the beer was exportet to the United States of America. In the US the name Budweiser was very common as well as Pilsner.After 1918 the brewery was taken over by tschechische owners. After 1945 (second world war) the germans which origianlly invented the beer have been expelled. The Budweiser company was falling into the communists hands and the so the government took over.

The brand Budvar was a beer brewed after the german settlers, which was exported to over 60 countries.┬áToday, the company has it’s markteting operation in Germany, Erfurt. Austria imports the beer through Kolarik & Leeb. It’s sold in larger amount to the famous Schweizerhaus, which is in Vienna at the Prater.Today you have many different options to choose from. The assortment of Budweiser Beer is big. You can choose also the ligther beer – Bud Light ABV is 4.2% – still actually not as light as you may think.

The beer market in germany is huge. Millions of germans are drinking the golden liquid to celebrate – or just for dinner. Especially Bavaria is known for the drinking and beer culture. Lovely Dirndl are serving the golden drink with delicious Bretzel, Weisswurst and Sauerkraut. The taste is unique and the food speaks for itself.

If you have never been in Munich – the heart of Bavaria, you should check it out. But you should have deep pockets – it’s expensive.

And because it’s so expensive the Bud Light became such a precious Treasure for the dog – to protect it and make sure no one else can have it. This funny little Hobnocker-Dog made it clear: This is my Bud Light ABV 4.2% – don’t even think about touching it !