huskies for sale

Huskies for sale ?

If you ever think about selling your Huskies – please let me know. This Huskie dog and the baby are the best hobnocker buddies I’ve ever seen !

Did you know ?

It looks like that the term Husky originated from the Artic – yes, people say the workd and name comes from the Eskimos. If you don’t know what Eskimos are – you know, the folks how are living in the ice within their so called iglos.

I saw once a crazy movie about a US guy who got captured in the ice. But rescued by some Eskimos. He was falling in love with a young Eskimo girl and the family went nuts. As far as I can remember the Eskimo Family wanted to kill the introduder – but he could escape. To bad that I can’t remember the name of the movie anymore.

If you know what I am talking about – just hit me up. Anyways, coming back to the folks living in the ice and the wonderful hobnocker-dog.

Did you also know their characteristics ?

Well, if you haven’t seen some TV channels yet – Huskies are running machines. They love to run and they have to move their body. It’s in their blood and genes. They are very energetic and athletic.

Some Huskies do have ice-blue eyes – makes them really look like wolfes. But hey, we all know they are no killer-dogs, they are very lovely dogs with a great fur.

You can actually find many Huskies in the US. Huskies for sale everywhere. No matter where you go – every city has them, just open your eyes and see what you can find. They are great dogs for sure. So if I would pick a do, I would go with a Husky, he is very smart, very protective and intelligent. Just make sure you do have enough space – if you have just an apartment, you better don’t buy a Husky, you got it ?

feature image photo credits go to QUOI-Media